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Each person may describe “aging well” in different terms. The Aging Well Arizona initiative focuses on the aspect of overall brain health. Reports offering data on various topics related to aging well are offered through our Data Dashboard.

Brain Health

Brain Health encompasses Alzheimer’s Disease and related dementias, Stroke, and other circulatory diseases, as well as mental health and substance use. All these conditions can affect a person’s thinking, relationships with family and friends, and ability to have meaning and purpose in life, ultimately affecting their autonomy and ability to live independently. In this section, we provide some of the available statistics on selected indicators of brain health in our community.

Brain Health Dashboard

PDF file downloads of the Brain Health Report:

2024 Snapshot: Brain Health | posted 02/15/24

Population & Demographics

There is a lot to learn about aging in Northern Arizona. This report is a starting place for understanding the aging population and local demographics. It includes information about the total population, race/ethnicity, age distribution, age dependency ratio, and projected population growth in the next seven years.

Population & Demographics Dashboard

PDF file downloads of the Population & Demographics Report:

2024 Snapshot: Population & Demographics | posted 02/15/24