Community Meeting Videos from November 2023

In November 2023, Aging Well Arizona hosted its first meeting of community stakeholders.

Aging Well Arizona is a collaborative focusing on dementia, Alzheimer’s, brain health, and wellbeing.

In Northern Arizona’s six-county region, approximately 24,000 people have Alzheimer’s or dementia, with as many as 150,000 afflicted statewide. This figure is expected to increase by 33% in the next two years. Of all 50 states, Arizona has the second highest projected increase of people with dementia.

The community event began with numerous speakers and was followed by community breakout sessions. Attendees, which included caregivers, identified the region’s needs; these included adult daycare options, improved communication related to services, additional healthcare providers, socialization for seniors, and training for caregivers.

Pursuing a Dementia Friendly Community status was also highlighted as a potential next step for this nascent community collaborative.

Aging Well Arizona is a NARBHA Institute initiative. The institute is focused on advancing community wellbeing.

Cindy Martin, M.D.

Charlton Wilson, M.D.

Brandon Baxter, Director, NACOG Area Agency on Aging

Terry Smith, FNP and Karin Von Kay, NAZADA/Dementia Friends, etc.

Michael McCarthy, Ph.D. and  Eric Cerino, Ph.D., NAU Researchers

Janice Greeno, Dementia Friendly Communities